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elaine k - unraveled...

elaine k is the writer of both lyrics and music and has gained critical acclaim from both sides of the Atlantic for her work. Her style is contemporary, yet timeless, quirky and hooky, yet sensitive and mature. One of the major attractions cited by her fans is her ability to address matters of the heart without giving it the usual lollipop treatment.


elaine k has released no less than 3 amazing albums, each with a definitive album journey of its own but each very much, what we've come to expect from elaine k. The last release, bare bones, did not misrepresent with its title. It's raw, naked, vulnerable, emotional, heart wrenching, somehow cheeky and still full of all the woes of breaking hearts - whether your own, or the one you broke in someone else.... From the opening and telling it like it is, I Hate You Too, all the way through the watch me falling in love Here I Go, the I can't believe you let me Fall, the why does no-one ever write a song admitting they just had Sex (with their ex), to the gut wrenching I know I did it and I'm Sorry - the fans have many songs to sink their souls into. It was also the album that took a fantastic visual spin. So far there are 3 music videos from the album, each one taking audiences to new heights, or new lows depending on how you look at it. The video to Sex is sure to put a smile on anyone's face, both in its content and in its unashamed reality, on a subway car in NYC. The video to I Hate You Too plays cat and mouse like we haven't seen before and the video to I'm Sorry has yet to recieve a response that doesn't tell us that it caused tears, real tears. You can check them all out on the video page.

Prior to bare bones there was and is, as is - her long awaited and greatly anticipated follow up album to the hugely successful debut, yeah, really. as is brought new and even more crazed fans, to the front rows of her shows. The album contains 12 original songs which display elaine k's ability for taking what you know, spinning it on its head and then handing it back to you before it breaks. From the tongue in cheek, heavy guitar driven Not About You to the tortured and argumentative You Should Have Known, elaine k fans have many reasons to be so transfixed. From yeah, really, songs such as I Love You (& I Hate You), My Fix and All I Need gave the supposed "love song" the good kick in the ass it has needed for so long.


What hits you first is down to only you. Her voice. Her energy. Her honesty. Her simplicity. Her complexity. Her talent for writing it like it is yet delivering the brutal truth in a poetic manner. Her gift for belting you on the back of the head with a gentle stroke. Her enjoyment. Her quick-witted banter. Her capacity to connect, truly connect.

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